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Extra Large Welcome Stencil


for 6ft Welcome Signs

Interested in decorating your entrance with a beautiful painted welcome wood sign to greet your guests?
With a piece of wood with a size from 5 or 6 ft and these welcome stencils for painting on wood reusable you can create a great variety of wood welcome signs for front porch that look exactly like the expensive ones, you can find in arts and crafts boutiques.


5ft to 6ft SIGNS - With our Large letter stencils for painting on wood you can craft unique signs that get noticed from big distance;

VERSATILE SET -Create a lot of variations with the welcome stencil. Replace "O" with the favorite shape. Painting stencils can be used vertical or horizontal;

PERFECT LETTER SPACING - You decide the letter spacing, adapted to the size of the welcome wood sign you want to craft;

LARGE LETTER STENCILS - The size of our Farmhouse door stencil makes your sign stand out in the crowd. Everybody will see it;

FIRM & LONG-LASTING FILM - Our Mylar reusable inspirational stencils for signs won't rip or tear;

PERFECT EVERY SEASON - These painting stencils help you create vertical welcome sign to warm your Porch year round, from spring to winter or from Valentines Day to Christmas;

now let's dive into details

package content


7 letter stencils saying WELCOME

8 accent stencils to customize your wood sign as you like. You can replace letter "O" with: Paw; Snowflake,Heart, Sunflower or Pumpkin

Size Guide - each stencil is 7.4in/9in, one of the largest on the market. - Each letter or sign is 6in tall

Depending on letter spacing, the vertical welcome sign can reach 6ft

premium quality

  • Special laser-cut in a sharp angle, made of a high-quality material, durable 10 mil grey mylar, strong, with good flexibility but thin, so it can perfectly mule to avoid paint leakage.

  • Designed with 8 unique accent shapes that cover spring, summer, Christmas, and other exciting holidays you’ll love adding a special touch to signs

B091GPBJLF_Letter Spacing.jpg

It is easy to cover all seasons

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