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We Reinvent Vertical Wood Signs, by Introducing Rub-ons

Porch signs should be more than painted letters :)

Interested in decorating your entrance with one of those beautiful painted vertical signs, with flowers and warm messages, to welcome guests or family? With a piece of wood with a size from 3 to 4 ft and this special stenciling set you can create over 20 different vertical wood sings for porch that look exactly like the expensive ones, you can find in arts and crafts boutiques, with colorful flowers hand painted . However, not everyone is confident about painting or calligraphy. To help support your artistic attempts, we offer a set that takes stenciling to another level.

  • EYE-CATCHING DESIGNS - With our Large letter stencils for painting on wood you craft unique signs;

  • EASY TO USE -Tape to secure the welcome stencil and paint over. Replace "O" with flowers by rubbing;

  • FIRM & LONG-LASTING FILM - Our Mylar reusable inspirational large letter stencils won't rip or tear;

  • VERSATILE SET -Create over 20 variations with the painting stencils. Flowers look like hand painted;

  • LARGE LETTER STENCILS - The size of our Farmhouse stencils makes your sign get noticed from distance

  • PERFECT LETTER SPACING - Designed so you don't need to use one letter multiple times;

  • PERFECT EVERY SEASON - These painting stencils help you create signs to warm your Porch year round;

  • SIZE MATTERS - From 3Ft to 6Ft SIGNS. Standard Welcome stencil is 3-4ft, but even a 6 Ft Sign saying WELCOME HOME can be made :)

  • GREAT GIFT - For the handy family members or friends who want to give a personal touch to home decorations using chalk paint for crafts;

NewStencil-1-amanda4job MAIN.jpg

now let's enter into details

package content


6 Large Script Stencils measuring 14.5 in x 5.85 in, saying: WELCOME and HOME sweet HOME. The size is optimized for easy use and offers great visibility from distance.

6 Shape stencils measuring 4.83 in x 5.85 in (heart, dog print, wreath, timona, sunflower and daisy)

2 Rub-on Stickers measuring 4.83 in x 4.83 in representing sunflower and daisy, specially hand painted to add uniqueness to your sign

premium quality

  • Special laser-cut in a sharp angle, made of a high-quality material, durable 7.5 mil grey mylar, strong, with good flexibility but thin, so it can perfectly mule to avoid paint leakage.

  • The uniqueness of our product is the integration of special rub-on stickers, specially designed for being applied on wood. With this innovation we take DIY Vertical Signs to the next level and your crafts can be compared to the expensive ones created by skilled artists with painted flowers.


Now let us show you how easy it is to apply the rub-on stickers :)

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