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Here is our Seasonal Stenciling Kit! 

All seasons & holidays are covered

Whether you love designing your own unique wood arts and crafts signs for a small business or you enjoy creating new decor for your own home when the seasons change nothing is more fun and easier to use than these ULPO Crafts Reusable Seasonal Stencils.

- Celebrate seasons and holidays like Christmas, spring, summer, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, and Halloween.

- Our welcome home stencils not only includes text but also stars, snowflakes, and the American flag.

- Crafted with heavy-duty plastic our reusable wood stencils can be used again and again for every new season.

- Each welcome stencil set also features vertical and horizontal signs to help customize your door, space, or entryway.

- Welcome in cool spring showers, warm summer days, or even relaxing fall weather and make each one exciting.

- These large stencils for painting on wood can also be used on glass, acrylic, drywall, and other common surfaces.


now let's dive into details

package content


8 Large Letter Stencils each measuring 4.85 * 5.85 inches, for crafting beautiful WELCOME or HOME sweet HOME 4ft tall porch signs.

7 Horizontal Seasonal Stencils each measuring 4.85 * 5.85 inches. 

5 Large Sign Stencils for customization of the vertical signs according to the seasons

1 American Flag Star Stencil for crafting US flags with a size of 11/20 in.

premium quality

  • Special laser-cut in a sharp angle, made of a high-quality material, durable 10 mil grey mylar, strong, with good flexibility but thin, so it can perfectly mule to avoid paint leakage.

  • Designed with 23 unique stencils that cover spring, summer, Christmas, and other exciting holidays you’ll love adding a special touch to signs, windows, entryways, your kitchen, and more. 


Look what signs you can create

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