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Stencils For Painting on Wood | Cursive Script Sayings, Word Stencils Like: LOVE GRATEFUL etc, Mandala Hearts and More | Essential, Inspirational Stenciling Kit | Rustic Farmhouse DIY Home Decor

  • STENCIL SET 16pcs: 7 large word stencils +7 mandala heart stencils +2 Stencil Brushes hair & sponge

  • MATERIAL: High Quality 7.5 Mil Grey Mylar Laser Cut in Sharp Angle

  • ECONOMICAL: Reusable stencils for many times. An affordable alternative to expensive art wall decor

  • APPLICATION: on wood, textiles, ceramic, glass, metal with: acrylic / chalk paint, fabric markers

  • EASY TO USE: Plastic Stencils for rustic signs durable flexible & ultra thin to avoid paint leakage

  • PREMIUM: Cardboard package to store stencils for many projects Grey Hue to contrast with most colors


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If you want create pieces of home decor in an effortless and cheap way, or you want to make a value gift for your wife, mom or dear friend, you arrived in the right place. But don’t hurry and read our description to see if our kit fits your needs.


Our Kit consists of 16pcs:

  • 7 Large Script Stencils measuring 14.5in x 5.85in, designed with special italic calligraphy fonts writing, saying: HOME sweet HOME, LIVE, LAUGH, WELCOME, LOVE GRATEFUL, LIFE is BEAUTIFUL. The size is optimized for easy use and offers great visibility from normal distance

  • 7 Heart Shapes in a large variety of sizes from 2in to 6in.

  • 2 Stencil brushes ( sponge & hair). Why spending extra money on finding the perfect tool for painting with stencils? You already have the brushes in the package. Just find the surface to paint on!


  -  the largest variety of messages for lettering on the market in one bundle. Combined with the heart shapes you can create unlimited designs

  -  manufactured from a premium material, patterns and each border are laser-cut with precision so you can craft perfect country  vintage ornament many times

  -  most affordable sets on the market that allows you to start crafting immediately; everything at an unbeatable price (regularly it would cost around 40$).

  -  Easy cleaning with warm water & soap until all paint is gone and just let it dry

  -  Easy to use. Just follow the 7 steps you will find in the pack

  -  Packaging, a cardboard envelope that will help you securely store your set, so open it carefully.

  -  Using stencils can help you relieve stress and anxiety to preserve mindfulness


  -  Even the most complete kit limits your creativity to a number of words and sayings

  -  It is durable, but after many projects the stencils will deteriorate in the end

  -  Paint leakage can appear when you use stencils but if you follow our 7 steps you will overcome it


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